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Meet the Composer is a new podcast from Q2 Music that takes listeners into the minds and creative processes of the composers making some of the most innovative, compelling and breathtakingly beautiful music today. The show is hosted by critically-acclaimed violist Nadia Sirota and funded in part by a successful Kickstarter campaign.

At the convergence of interview, music and production, Meet the Composer aims to show the listener who the composer is as a person, as a thinker and as an artist. The listener, in turn, gets richer context for new work than is provided by your average program note, CD liner or digital booklet, and hopefully an engaging entry point into the exciting world of New Music.

Thanks to New Music USA for their flexibility with the use of the “Meet The Composer” name, which became famous through their legacy organization founded by composer John Duffy.



2 Responses to “Subscribe to Meet the Composer from Q2 Music!”
  1. Todd Tomasic says:

    Just got home from the Warhol show, You were wonderful! I can’t ’til your record comes out.

  2. Cody Masters says:

    Love the Podcast. I’m extremely naïve when it comes to this realm of music. Listening to Punk Rock the last twenty years hasn’t served me well when it comes to making sense of what you are guests discuss, but nonetheless, I feel as if you your PC are opening my eyes to new sounds and experiences and I am absolutely loving it. Thank you!